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Firstly, our million dollar advice is, to "Investigate the Investigator". Private Investigators and Agencies pop-up and vanish within months, cheating the gullible, looking for low price Agencies. We have been regularly advertising in all leading news papers and internet in the interest of the General Public, the below, only to educate the Public that... 

BEWARE OF UNPROFESSIONAL, inexperienced unlicensed (Police licensed not Shop Act) Individuals and Agencies like Security, Recovery, Matrimonial Agencies, Freelancers, Advocates, Massage Parlors, even Housewives Advertising / Posing as Detectives. Before taking services and exposing yourself please check credentials very carefully. Visit Tried and trusted, rendering detective services since 34years.

As narrated above, there are many a Detective Agencies and agents having fancy names and websites but no experience or capabilities to undertake this very risky but challenging and noble profession and they vanish into thin air after taking small amounts from many people. Thus, besides other parameters we advice you to at least find out the background, business standing, affiliated associations and since how long the Agency has been into business. 

Secondly, and ironically we must bring to your notice that none of the websites you have already seen give a quote of their professional charges. Moreover, during the course or before giving reports they come out with many hidden charges. Sadly, not satisfied with what they have extracted from you, many cases of blackmailing & extortion have been reported and thus we advice you to be very careful in selecting an Agency. Our charges and explanations shows our transparency and honesty which you will appreciate.

The Charges on executing a case primarily depend on the quality and number of manpower, resources and equipment required to execution of the assignment and most importantly the time required on the assignment. There is generally no thumb rule charges towards an assignment as these vary from case to case, most importantly the charges depend on the geographical, political, religious, expense and risk related factors. Moreover, the longer the period of assignment, the less the charges, the shorter the period of assignment, the higher the charges, i.e. if the charges for Investigation & shadowingshadowingfor 7 days is USD 700 per day, the same will reduce to USD 600 per day if the same is for more than 15 daysand will reduce to USD 500 if it is to be done for more than 30 days. Short Assignments result in under deployment of the agents and thus loses to the Agency and thus if the Assignment is for 5 days it cost USD 700 per day and for 5 days, it cost USD 900 per day and USD 1100 for Assignments of 2 to 3 days USD 1400 for one single day.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The quality of Investigation will be proportionate to the category of Agents chosen.
  2. Due to numerous practical reasons, the chances of the Agents missing / not identifying the Subject are in the ratio of 2 in 10, which is normal even with the elite FBI & IB and will not be questioned by the Client.
  3. The charges quoted are for the above requirements only. Any additional information required before / after the submission of the report shall be charged extra.
  4. The amounts once received are non-refundable.
  5. The results of the Investigation may be totally contrary to the expectations / suspicions of the Client, for which our Agency / Agents are not responsible.
  6. The written / verbal reports are not a legal document.
  7. This document is also a waiver from the Client that the Client and not our Agency is responsible for any legal action / issues raised by the Subject against our Agency / Agents.
  8. Telephonic Reports will be given only if there is any action.
  9. The practical difficulties faced by our Agents at the Observation Posts while doing Investigation and video recording has to be understood by the Client. The Subject is exposed to video recording only for a very short time while coming out and getting into a car, auto rickshaw, house, office or vice versa. Please understand that secret video recording cannot be done like that in Marriages. Moreover while video recording our agent’s unusual actions are exposed to the Subject & public and thus dangerous to our assignment. Thus only limited secret video recording is possible. The Video recording will be done only if it is related to the subject matter of the case. In case there is no suspicious action, no recording will be done.
  10. The technical limitation / failures of the equipments cannot be blamed on our Agents / Agency.
  11. If Investigation cannot be continued/ has to be stopped during day or nights due to Political / public unrest, Police interference, obstructions and limitations due to law & order problems, local elements, climatic conditions, or any other reasons beyond human limitations etc., the same cannot be blamed to the Agency.
  12. In case the Subject becomes suspicious during the assignment or is Hyped / Ultra sensitive due to the Clients previous actions or is by nature hypersensitive and if the Agents / Agency decides to withdraw the operations on suspicion of being exposed / detected, the same shall be accepted as an assignment hazard and the Agents / Agency cannot be held responsible for the same.
  13. In the case of inconsistency in any form of communication mode for the period of 2 month or 60 days shall be entitle as “Case Closed”